Gambling & Lottery

The greatest world cup is near, fans are waiting for the action and they are also waiting to bet on their favorite team as well. But there is one problem they hesitate due to the short comes of the existing platform like delayed payments, un-secure platforms, and possible fraud.
SHIBA SOCCER LEAGUE is here to help those fans and provide them with a secure platform through which they can bet on their favorite team in any event and get their payment in the most secure and fast way. This is all possible to the underlying technology of the SHIBA SOCCER LEAGUE. The users can bet with our $SSL token and get a reward. The use of cryptocurrency will ensure the security and speed required to make SHIBA SOCCER LEAGUE one of the best platforms the online betting and gambling.
Also, users can test their luck in our lottery system. The users can participate in the lottery using their $SSL token as an entry fee and earn amazing rewards in the return. The lottery system runs on a smart contract which means there is zero human interaction in the lottery system.