Single PvP Match

Player vs. Player. You can play with other team members as you want. You can with all players around the world. With each match, your skill will increase and as you win you can earn native tokens as a reward. In the real world, you can play with your favorite players and replace players in the match. You can move up on the scoreboard and become the champion.
If the match was successful, you will also receive Token compensation. At the end of the season, the top finishers will receive Tokens compensation and will be promoted to a higher division.
The player features are described below:
Current abilities of the player: It is feasible to predict how a player will do in other specialized roles depending on their ability by learning the skills that are crucial in each function. When training systems are established, players will be able to enhance a particular skill that will enable them to perform better in other particular roles.
Role knowledge: A player will understand a role to varying degrees. For instance, a Left Wing Back (LWB) will have strong familiarity with the Left Back (LB) job and average familiarity with the Left Winger (LW), but poor familiarity with the Center Attacking Midfielder (CAM) (CAM). Player training systems will also allow for the improvement of this role understanding.
Special ability: The special abilities of the players in the lineup affects the lineup skill. You can read more about it in the Players section.